SuperUnit Launch: Nature Walk around SSIS, Week of January 11 Field Trip(s): Nature Walk around Crescent Park Projects: growing plants, book-making and projects based on student interests/learning Core Values: Sense of Self: Community Balance in Life: Wellness Dedicated Service: Service Learning SuperUnit Celebration: Students will share their learning with families and grade 3 buddies Communication, Language, and Literacy ● Acquire meaning from a variety of materials read to him/her ● Demonstrate awareness of print concepts ● Use writing for a variety of purposes Mathematics ● The child will sort, seriate, classify, and create patterns ● The child will explore, recognize, and describe shapes and shape concepts Science ● The child will demonstrate knowledge related to living things and their environments. ● The child will demonstrate an awareness of and the need to protect his/her environment Thinking Skills ● Demonstrate awareness of cause and effect. ● Demonstrate problem-solving skills. Approaches to Play ● The child will demonstrate initiative and self-direction ● The child will demonstrate interest and curiosity. ● The child will sustain attention to a specific activity and demonstrate persistence Social and Emotional ● The child will begin to demonstrate self-control Focus on Learning by Subject Nature is 1 Highlights of Learning Experiences