G1_18-19_Understanding Ourselves

Field Trip: location, date SuperUnit Launch: Introduction to the Elementary School playground. Guest Speaker(s): David Carpenter (ES Counselor) and Jacob Humes (School Psychologist) Week of September 10th. Field Trip: Jump Arena, District 7, week of August 27th. SuperUnit Celebration: Week of September 24th, in the Gr. 1 Classrooms. it Launch: Sim la f limited access to drinking water, October 2017, SSIS, All day SuperUnit Celebration : Publishing Party for ‘Water Issues’ Magazines, Dec 2017, SSIS Guest speakers: ● High School IB Students ● Local Water Expert Field trips: ● Visit water filtration pla t, N v 2017, D ng Nai River ● Water Bottling Plant ● “Long Walk to Water”, Nov 2017