SuperUnit Launch: Student provocation and interview regarding people who help us. Field Trip(s): Vietopia with Grade 4 Buddy Class Guest Speaker(s): SSIS community members Project(s): Students design and implement a community service project to show appreciation for other people’s work. Core Values (describe the key concepts) ● Academic Excellence : Critical Thinking: I can show my critical thinking with examples. ● Sense of Self: Sense of Community: I am developing my understanding of how to appreciate the groups I belong to. ● Balance in Life : Balanced Obligations: I can learn different ways to show appreciation. ● Respect for All : Respect for all: I am beginning to think carefully about the groups I belong to. I am polite. ● Dedicated Service : Service Learning: I can learn new things (about myself) by helping others. SuperUnit Celebration: A celebration of appreciation with our Grade 4 Buddy Classes Physical Development and Motor Skills: ● Using a variety of materials to create projects ● Bodies developing coordination through large-scale projects Social and Emotional Development: ● Empathy: Developing an awareness of others and how they feel in different situations ● Interacting respectfully with members of our community Approaches to Play and Learning: ● Making Friends: Developing skills to create friendships and learn how to play with others ● Conflict resolution: Beginning to identify solutions to conflict Communication, Language and Literacy: ● Developing questions and answering our inquiries ● Using language to gather information from members of our community Cognitive Development and General Knowledge: ● Sorting and creating patterns within the environment ● Observing cause and effect relationships Focus on Learning by Area Showing appreciatio Highlights of Learning Experiences