Questions to Ask your Child Home Learning Suggested Home Extensions Key Vocabulary impacts communities 1. What is appreciation? 2. How does your family show appreciation to others in the community? 3. What jobs do people do, that help you and your family? 4. What are some ways we can help others? 5. How does your family show respect to people who are different? 1. How do you say words of appreciation in your home language? (see key vocabulary below) 2. How does your family express appreciation? 3. Talk about responsibilities at home. What responsibilities do your children have at home? What new responsibilities can they have? 1. Take photos of your children in action and send them into school. For example, take a photo of your children cleaning up around the house, helping with chores, tidying up their toys, carrying their own backpack, helping clean, etc. 2. Help your children recognize small acts of kindness throughout the day. 3. Find shapes, patterns and numbers in nature- appreciation for the world around us. appreciation helpful respectful thankful compliment conversation please tolerance gratitude empathy responsibility grateful kind diversity acceptance