Super Unit Launch : Teachers will invite parents into ‘play’ with their children. Students will share their special places, interests, and learning environment. Field Trip(s) : SSIS locations and Crescent Park Picnic Guest Speakers : School nurse and parent volunteers invited in to share experiences of well-being and being part of a community. Project : Students will be creating paper and electronic portfolios to demonstrate how we can thrive in our communities. Core Values Academic Excellence: I am developing my understanding about the groups and communities I belong to. Sense of Self: I can understand my strengths and use them to develop new ideas and to contribute to communities. Respect for All: I respond to diversity with respect and kindness. Balance in Life: I can learn in many ways and many environments. Dedicated Service: I can show appreciation of nature and show respect of different environments. Super Unit Celebration : Students will invite parents in to come and play with them. Students will share their portfolios and celebrate their learning. Physical Development and Motor skills ● The child will participate in activities related to nutrition. ● The child will practice healthy and safe habits. Social and Emotional Development ● The child will develop relationships and social skills with adults. ● The child will develop relationships and social skills with peers. Approaches to Play and Learning ● The child will demonstrate interest and curiosity. ● The child will demonstrate a cooperative and flexible approach to play and learning. Communication, Language and Literacy ● The child will listen to conversations and demonstrate comprehension. ● The child will acquire vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories, and/or books. ● The child will use nonverbal communication for a variety of purposes. Cognitive Development and General Knowledge ● The child will organize, represent, and build knowledge of number and quantity. ● The child will explore and communicate about distance, weight, length, height and time. ● The child will demonstrate scientific inquiry skills. ● The child will demonstrate understanding of his/her family and an emerging awareness of their own culture and ethnicity. ● The child will demonstrate awareness of cause and effect. ● The child will demonstrate problem solving skills. Focus on Learning by Area People’s relationships with others and the Highlights of Learning Experiences