SuperUnit Launch: Organism scavenger hunt in our community Field Trips: Crescent Park Guest Speaker: Facilities Manager, Chris Beanes Project: In their role as Campus Rangers, students will learn about the habitats and organisms on campus, and develop ways to help them thrive. Core Values: ● Academic Excellence - Critical Thinking, Collaboration ● Respect for All - Respect ● Dedicated Service - Community and Social Responsibility SuperUnit Celebrations: Students will share their learning through multiple subject areas in our Elementary School outdoor areas. Focus on Learning by Subject How can we help organisms Highlights of Learning Experiences Science: Animal adaptation and human impact on habitats. Social Studies: Responsibility to make a positive impact on our environment. English: Opinion writing, narrative writing Math: Unit 3: Developing Base Ten Number Sense, Unit 4: Understanding Place Value Art: Constructing organic habitat art, speculative evolution illustrations Music: Environmental awareness songs PE: Movement and stability, yoga Drama: Plays based on literature about organisms Library: Using online databases to find photos and information Vietnamese: Improve vocabulary in animals and plants.