Questions to Ask your Child thrive in Little Dragons Park? ● Is this living or nonliving? How do you know? ● What organisms do you see here? ● How do we help our pets or plants thrive at home? ● How do organisms adapt to their environments? ● How do we care for our environment? Home Learning Suggested Home Extensions Key Vocabulary ● Watch “The Lorax” and talk about changes to the habitat in the film. ● Read books or magazines about nature, animals, plants or the environment. ● Collect leaves, feathers, rocks, and sticks to take a closer look at them at home. Then bring them to school for art class! ● Go to a local park and observe organisms. ● Buy a microscope or magnifying glass for a closer look at the organisms around you. ● Grow plants in a small garden. ● Organism ● Thrive ● Habitat ● Impact ● Relationship ● Plants ● Animals ● Living ● Non-living ● Adapt ● Interdependent ● Dependent ● Ranger ● Responsibility ● Environment